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Happy birthday, Ashley!

Mar 2, 2019

Team birthday celebration

We are one day early, but since we aren’t in the office tomorrow our team wanted to give a BIG shout out to our girl! Happy, happy birthday sweet Ashley!

On our team, Ashley’s role is the Content and Creative Director. Some of her official tasks include managing media deadlines, heading the planning/executing of all things blog/submissions, helps manage certain campaigns (think giveaways and minis) and is the one choosing all of those pretty pictures for the feed. Unofficially, she helps collaborate for anything design-related, is a soundboard that points me back to Love, the biggest Beiber fan and has a passion for telling all of the love stories that God creates.

She joined our team in 2017, but, more importantly, has been a part of my life as a treasured friend for 6 years now! I deeply love this girl for who she is in my personal life and I’m extremely grateful for what she adds to the team and our clients. One of my favorite things about her job is that she tells the stories that are photographed for everyone to see. The real life accounts and details of families and couples are collected and shared because of her giftings. Plus, she has given me so much freedom from media in general, allowing me to focus on my art and create healthy boundaries.

Alright, let’s get to it! I’m ready to celebrate one of my favorite ladies in the world!

thomas center portraits

Team pictures

Favorite thing about Ashley

She has a way of creating so much joy in the little things. Every moment is worth celebrating to her and, because of that, that has brought me so much LIFE.  – Ingrid

She really goes above and beyond with her friendships and the way she celebrates people. – Wayne

The constant desire to make people feel loved. Whether we’re in line at the grocery store, at dinner, shopping or even sitting in a coffee shop, she will be the first to ask people around her/serving her their name and life story, making everyone feel important. – Tori

Her love for others and the Lord. I am constantly encouraged by her walk with Jesus. I also love how intentional she is with loving and serving others.  – Kim

Team photos

team photos

Favorite Memory with Ashley 

I have a pretty emotional memory that is actually my favorite and will stand out forever. We were sitting in my car outside her home. It was a pretty late night and I remember telling her about how something I read in our book club (yep, we used to be in a book club together) really reminded me of her. The author talked about how she chooses her friend, flaws, heartbreak and all, and she chooses all of her. Her friend the same. I sat there in the car, with tears, telling her that I will fight and choose her always, just as she said the same for me. – Ingrid

More recently, she really blessed my family. I went to tackle the pile of laundry in our bedroom after a long week of work and a full weekend of classes only to discover it had already been taken care of by Ashley. She definitely made Ingrid cry. My love language is acts of service, so it meant everything to me. -Wayne

So I have a lot, but I will choose two. One: when one of our other sisters and I were really young, we use to dress up in Ashley’s clothes a lot. Ashley would do our hair and makeup and even sometimes do a photoshoot of us. We thought we were super cool like our big sister. I still wear her clothes. Two: The many living room dance parties to Justin Bieber, high school musical, or the Wicked soundtrack. -Tori

I absolutely loved spending the afternoon with Ashley getting ready for our team photos. We spent time chatting and getting to know each other better, which was a sweet time. She also helped me with my makeup and made me feel so beautiful! – Kim

team photos in gainesville

Something you may not know about Ashley

This girl doesn’t know any strangers. While you may start off as a stranger, you leave feeling seen, heard and actually like the most important person in the room.
Always, always. -Ingrid

She has an appreciation for old school rap songs.  -Wayne

She doesn’t know the lyrics to any song… ever… but homegirl will BELT out words in confidence. It always makes me giggle a lot. – Tori

Ashley used to be a wedding planner/designer in town!  – Kim

Team birthday celebrations

Team birthday celebrations1. No one loves the Fourth of July and hot dogs more than me… except this girl.

2. She is not a fan roses, but does appreciate wildflowers and peonies.

3. While she does delight in curating the details, what she loves even more is welcoming people into her space and giving them a place at her table.
She understands real-life community.

4. I love that she is always down for an adventure, even if it’s a trip to DC to see the cherry blossoms or Waco to find Joanna Gaines!

5. She’s my reminder that relationships are only possible when God’s grace continues to pour out and transform us.

6. She appreciates good design and is always down to drive out of the way to see it.

7. There’s always a cup of coffee ready for you when you come over.

celebrating team birthdays

9. She is always down for a Gator basketball game, no matter who we are playing against.

10. Her baking skills are on point!

11. She is always willing to serve and help with Ethan, as if he was her own nephew.

12. She makes an effort to ask about my life, whether it’s work or school. She will remember a tiny detail and even ask you about it days later.

13. She loves my wife so well and brings her so much joy.

14. Ashley always makes me feel like a friend, not just her “Ingrid’s husband.” She’s good at making everyone genuinely feel that way.

15. She’s honest and will tell you like it is.

17. Her detail-oriented mind. Ashley thinks of EVERYTHING even down to the smallest detail. She’s perfect at planning and is super organized. It constantly baffles me.

18. She’s always down to have a car jam session.

19. She’s constantly serving people wholeheartedly.

20. She has great style. This girl always looks put together and super cute. I basically shop daily from her closet.

21. I love that she shares my love for Chocolate Trinity ice cream. Y’all we have zero self-control with that stuff but it pairs really well with being snuggled up on the couch while watching a movie.

22. We’ve been roommates for a few years now… time and time again Ashley has gone out of her way to serve and help me in whatever ways I need during my hardest semesters in school. Anytime she sees that I’m anxious or stressed she asks right away, “Okay what can I do to help?”

23. Ashley was one of my youth leaders in high school and she ROCKED it. People would often always ask me if it was weird having my older sister as a leader and my answer was always no. Ashley somehow managed to play two roles super well. She was a super fun older sister but when it came time for it she was a leader who was willing to ask all of the hard questions and encourage me in so many ways. Those two roles never mixed, in fact having her as my leader was by far my favorite part of my years of being involved in youth group.

25. She is the best Auntie! I love that she takes her nieces to school every Tuesday!

26. I love that my daughter shares a birthday with her and I hope she loves on people as well as Ashley!

27. I love how her main goal in life is to make Jesus’ name known!

28. She has such attention to detail.

29. I love her Instagram stories! She is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. I usually end up laughing out loud or having all the feels from what she shares!

30. I love how she decorates and creates beautiful spaces! Her home is one of my favorites.

31. She celebrates people well and creates fun traditions!

Feel free to take a moment and leave a little Happy Birthday love for Ashley in the comments… or, you know, dance to a little Beiber in honor of her!
Happy Birthday, Ashley! You are SO loved, my friend!


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