Our heart behind this work is to create images that are meaningful and point you back to the beauty of what brought you together. As lovers of marriage, we get excited about coming alongside couples who understand that a marriage should be more beautiful than their wedding day.

We would be honored if you would allow us to come alongside you as you celebrate some of life's biggest milestones. This moment is just the beginning of your family's legacy.


We encourage couples to approach an engagement session as they would a date night. Let's meet up at a place that's meaningful to you or we can travel to a location you've always wanted to visit. Get dressed in your favorite outfit. Bring along your go-to drink or even your pup. Our purpose is to photograph the dynamics of your relationship and for you to have fun! 


The love story being written

We offer an intentional and emotional approach to capturing the moments of your wedding day, both the traditional and in-between. Everything from the thoughtful layout of your family heirlooms, your mother’s tears while you exchange vows, or the way you and your best friends let loose on the dance floor.

Our hope is that every time you look at your photographs you relive the feelings you felt in the moment we captured.

We accept a limited number of weddings per year, so that we can serve our clients with our best.


The foundation you're laying

Your wedding day is simply the first page of a great story - a story of a lifetime of love, commitment, and choosing each other. We are devoted to documenting each chapter of your legacy thereafter. 

Family photography is a way to embrace where you are in this season of life and representing each personality within your family. This is a way of collecting your stories milestones for generations to come. 


The Legacy you're building



It is a great honor to be invited into some of our client's most meaningful days. Getting to know the client and their relationship dynamic is important for us to better serve and visually represent the heart behind their celebration. Our job is a labor if love. 

Let's be friends


The MP Wedding Experience



Once a client has chosen a photographer and the right coverage for their wedding, they reserve their date with a signed contract and 20% retainer. From there, it's official! 

Save the Date


The MP Wedding Experience



Soon after reserving, an engagement session gets planned. We love when we can explore the town or place a client had their first date or when we can travel to a destination they've always wanted to visit. This is a way of pausing during wedding planning to have fun. It also helps our clients get more comfortable in front of the camera, know what to expect when we photograph their big day and it gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better!  

Engagement Session


The MP Wedding Experience



Throughout the wedding planning process, we are available, as needed, to our clients. MP works with the planner on the team to collaborate on photography timeline to ensure stress-free, natural portraits. In order to honor family dynamics, design scope and portrait expectations from our clients, we also touch base with our clients. This helps the team better understand how to approach each unique day.

Wedding Guidance


The MP Wedding Experience



This day may feel like a blur, so we make it a priority to capture classic portraits, while also documenting the fleeting, in-between candid moments. By providing a comforting energy, we seek to quiet the noise of distraction from the wrong things. As artists, we protect our craft as we protect our client's moments.

Wedding Day


The MP Wedding Experience


Clients receive an online gallery and instructions on how to best preserve their memories. 

Images deserve to be lived outside of the screen. Every gallery has an online shop for clients to enjoy their images through high-quality prints. We believe in the keepsake of albums that get passed down for generations, so we also help guide our clients through the design process of their albums.

Gallery Delivery & Keepsakes


The MP Wedding Experience

When we arrive on your wedding day, we're stepping in as friends to create a fun, enjoyable, and memorable experience. 

Personable Approach

We offer a calm presence, even in the whirlwind moments of your wedding day, so that you can be comforted and at ease, focusing on each other and not what you look like or the busy around you.

Calming Presence

Portraits are documented in a natural and unposed way. We will guide you into moments in ways that encourage real emotions and genuine connection.

Authentic Direction




Resonate with our style and approach?


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