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Carney Monthbook | February

Mar 1, 2019

Family Yearbook

THIS was a full month! The month began with hanging out with my good friend, Lauranne, one last time before her big move to India. She told me that the last American meal she wanted to share with me was Chik Fil A so we found one exactly halfway between us in Ocala, caught up, took some pictures and had some sweet prayer time in the car together. Missing this sweet soul something fierce. Isn’t she stunning?!

Headshots in front of colorful wall

Then I traveled to San Francisco to photograph a brand shoot and to visit my friend, Emily, from The Ganeys. Upon traveling, I had this very strong feeling Wayne was about to do something big and I was right! He bought a surprise flight to see me while in San Francisco since we were going to miss Valentine’s Day together. I LOVE the city and I LOVE visiting Emily, but I haven’t been able to share that with Wayne, so this surprise trip was especially special to me.

Couple laughing in front of Golden Gate Bridge

We explored the majority of the trip. The first two days, Emily, her husband Thomas, Wayne and I explored redwood forests, showed Wayne the Golden Gate Bridge, went out to dinner in the city and watched the play Beach Blanket Babylon. By the end of the weekend, we went big and traveled through the infamous Highway 1 to Big Sur. Thomas and Emily were so gracious to take us around and show us their favorite spots. We even stopped by Pfeiffer’s Beach which was probably my favorite part (even though we may or may not have almost gotten stuck. WORTH IT). Look at how beautiful God’s creation is! HOW does He come up with this?! So thankful to experience all of this with these people. SO MANY GOOD MEMORIES.

Drive down highway 1

Trip to Big Sur

Big Sur photographed in film


Trip to Pfeiffer Beach

This place is just so surreal!

Another first was playing Drawful! We ended each night playing with each other and it quickly became one of my favorite games!

After the memories at Big Sur, the boys left and we had our sweet girl time. My sweet Emily! She came along and assisted me in my brand shoot, made the BEST BLTs that changed my life, fed me brownies and watched the Bachelor with me. We unintentionally had our own little Galentine’s date. In between those moments we shared so many deep and personal conversations that just connected my heart to hers even more.

Shot a brand shoot in the city at one of the most inspiring warehouse studios I’ve ever seen. It overlooked the city and everything. I loved being able to collaborate with other creatives on this.

Brand photoshoot in SF

Flew back to Florida just in time to celebrate Valentine’s day with my baby boy and my brother in West Palm. I picked up some sushi for E and I and we picnicked by the inter-coastal. I loved being outdoors with him and watching the sailboats pass by. So much joy for my little valentine!

Mother son date

That evening, my brother Alex asked me out for a Valentine’s dinner. We had the most unromantic-romantic dinner together under the stars at the beach! I love that his love language is quality time because being with him really fills my tank.

Microchurch multiplication party!! This is the group the Lord has added to. It really is the type of community in Acts 2 and I don’t say that lightly. We’ve been attending this Microchurch (think small group/life group/Bible study) for over 3 years and have chosen each other. We choose each other in every season. Everything from babies, marriages, heartaches of loss and celebrations of victories. We went from a group of about 60 people and, in order to keep the group flourishing and growing, we multiplied into two groups and celebrated. 

Since Wayne and I are multiplying out as new leaders for the second group, we got to choose the theme and you know your girl HAD to have tacos and HAD to have a dance party. Tacos and Throwbacks it was (90s throwbacks – think Quad City DJs, KC and JoJo and Montell Jordan). We all dressed as 90s teens and partied at Cbar Ranch. I made the infamous trophy from Nickelodeon’s Guts TV show and awarded the best dressed with it.

We ate, we prayed, we cried, we laughed and we danced. All for His Kingdom and glory.

This past week the team and I attended Kim’s baby shower. It was actually really lovely to see all of the people in her life that love her and celebrate her. We got a small glimpse of her life outside of work!

I hardcore meal prepped twice this month! So much sweat but so worth it! Thankful for friends who do life with me, even in the meal prep and clean up.

This past Tuesday, our new families+marriage microchurch had its first official night. We met at our home and it was PACKED. We filled the living/dining space to the brim with people and vision-casted for the next year together. We dreamed, prayed and enthusiastically recommitted to community with each other. One of the couples even brought over a cake to celebrate our first night as a new microchurch. It is one of the sweetest things to have your home filled with people who love each other and choose each other. I will be honest, the tight space distracted me at first. I had the Biblical “Martha” complex as I was worried if we had enough chairs or floor space and then the Lord reminded me of being still like Mary. It was such a reward. Expectant of what He does through this group for His glory.




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