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Demsick Family | West Palm Beach Family Photographer

Mar 5, 2019

West Palm Beach Family Session

 I arrived in my hometown of West Palm one beautifully sunny morning to take pictures of this stylish family. My time with them was so sweet. This family was so utterly affectionate with one another! I loved watching the boys hug and kiss their daddy, it reminded me of the love of our Heavenly Father and how He opens His arms to all of us. May the generations and generations after show the kind of love, affection and embrace that these parents give.

What a gift this life is, and what a gift it was to capture this season in the lives of this family. It was sweet and fun and ALL KINDS OF CRAZY as all family sessions are, but I was just so happy when I left because these kind of moments are the good stuff of life.

Tell us a funny story relating to parenting! Our fourth child wasn’t officially named until he was 11 months old! He got his official birth certificate with a name on it at 11 months. He was 15 months old when he got his social number. The guy behind the counter at the SS office did not believe me that he had never been issued a number. Sure enough, after a few minutes of research, the guy looks at me perplexed and says, “You’re right. He’s never been issued a number.” Me: “I told you! We have a bit of a hard time finalizing his name. Poor fourth baby!”

Describe a hurdle you’ve had to overcome in this transition to parenthood. I think one of the hardest things has been trying to set time aside for each other. We’ve had four children back-to-back and they are all still very needy!  Putting aside things we want to accomplish to meet their needs has been one of the hardest. For me (Angela), accepting I may not get something done that day can be tough to swallow. But I understand that these moments will all too soon be gone.

What is the most honest thing you can say about being a parent? We all make mistakes. Asking for forgiveness of your children, allowing them to forgive, then showing them physical affection is crucial for them to understand that we aren’t perfect and there’s a way to make things right even when we do something wrong.








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