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Julie + Drew | Orlando Maternity Session

Feb 7, 2019


I have known these two beautiful people for years now. I met both of them in college. Drew and I met and he quickly became part of my closest group of friends. We would gather together with other friends and plan the most random, last-minute trips that were always quite the adventure. I met Julie in my interior design classes. I quickly learned that she was the sweetest, most full-of-grace girl you could ever meet. I don’t know why I didn’t think to set them up on a date! But that doesn’t matter, they ended up meeting each other without my assistance.

After they found out they were pregnant, they called me to tell me while they were on their babymoon in San Francisco. Tears filled my eyes to hear that my friends are having a child. They were present when Wayne and I announced to our group of friends that we were expecting Ethan. What a blessing to be able to rejoice with them as they enter this season. Drew’s kindness, sincerity, and silliness,  Julie’s selflessness in the way she loves those around her, are among the many reasons I think will make these two good parents.

 From college adventures to babies. Excited to see these two begin their best adventure yet!

How did you find our/tell your spouse you were pregnant? I took a pregnancy test at 5AM one morning (right when I woke up) and was completely overjoyed and in disbelief to see it read positive.  Drew was still sleeping.  Naturally, I immediately went to a 24 hour Walgreens get another pregnancy test to make sure it was true .. and then stopped by a 24 hour Dunkin Donuts because we would need to celebrate if it was in fact, true.  Drew was super sleepy and confused when he saw me come into our home with a box of donuts before 6AM … which was when I told him I was pregnant, and we were celebrating!

Tell us a funny story relating to pregnancy! When we told my brother and sister in law that we were pregnant, we thought we would surprise them by sneakily adding it into our cheers/toast at dinner one night.  Little did we know, WE were the ones who would be even more surprised.  When we told them we were pregnant, they immediately started laughing and said: “so are we!”  Our son and our newest nephew have due dates just 2 weeks apart from each other.  It was such a sweet and funny surprise.

Describe a hurdle you’ve had to overcome in this transition to becoming parents. Honestly, becoming pregnant for us was a journey in itself.  We had to patiently trust in God’s timing, which of course doesn’t always align with ours.  Our marriage experienced a lot of tears, but even more support, love, and growth leading up to this gift of life.  This struggle turned into an opportunity to strengthen our relationship and love each other better.  We both became more gentle with each other and with ourselves.  In hindsight, this journey has multiplied the gratitude in our hearts more than we could ever imagine.

What has been the best part of preparing to become parents? Taking part in the miracle of creation has been so incredible.  Pretty much every night we take time just in awe of his movements.  He’s an active little guy (especially after mom has ice cream) and we can both feel and see him moving around.  It sounds so basic, but it really is amazing.  Hearing Andrew’s heartbeat for the first time was also something we’ll never forget.

What is the best thing you’ve learned since becoming parents? It’s given a clearer view of God’s love for us.  We have this crazy amount of love for our son who so small and completely dependent on us, and so much excitement towards meeting him. It’s a peek into the love Christ has for us – simply because we are His creation, not because of anything we’ve done ourselves.  It’s also been amazing to learn about the way my body just “knows what to do” with creating our son.  Everything in my life typically gets done with a series of to-do lists, and things that I am actively working on and towards to accomplish and check off.  With pregnancy, it’s like I blinked and all of the sudden our baby was growing fingernails and able to open and close his eyes.  All I was doing was living my normal life and all the while this amazing creation is developing without me actively having to do anything to make that happen.  I was just going about my normal life (eating right and taking vitamins) but other than that doing nothing and this new person just continues to grow.

Congrats Julie & Drew!


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