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Carney Monthbook | January

Feb 4, 2019

Spanish Moss in Florida

The year started out sweet, as Wayne Ethan and I rang in the new year with our friend, Lauranne. It was a low-key evening at home, but sweet nonetheless. In the morning, we joined a handful of other friends at Ashley’s home and had a New Years brunch. I’m really hoping she makes this a tradition. My cup overflowed with authentic and encouraging quality time around a table, talking and eating for hours.New Years Brunch Decorations

One of my favorite days this month was when Ashley suggested we spend the day visiting all of my favorite Gainesville spots. As Content and Creative Director, her mind thinks way ahead on blog posts, so she’s planning a special local post! An opportunity to create for ME. We got together with another friend, Christina, and started our day at my favorite coffee spot (Patticakes) and ended it with pizza at Satchel’s. My heart! So much quality time with my girls in all of my favorite spots. 

coffee in downtown gainesville

satchels pizza in gainesville

The following weekend was an elopement that tugged at my heartstrings. One of my best friends from architecture school was getting married to the love of her life and we were having a weekend celebration in St Augustine. They’ve been living in Albania for all of their relationship, so this was the first time I met the groom! The morning started with Wayne and I taking their portraits at the beautiful Washington Oaks State Park. You cannot compete with this location. Then we met up with other college friends and her family at the courthouse to make it official. Afterwards, we celebrated at Columbia Restaurant (highly recommend!) at the heart of downtown St. Augustine. It was simple but so intimately perfect. PS. I made the bouquet! I was so proud! Thank you, Trader Joe’s and Fresh Market!

wedding at washington oaks

After a weekend of pictures, I had a short visit from my parents in Gainesville. While short, we were really intentional with our quality time. Usually, when they visit, I’m away at weddings or working, so when we are together I usually have what’s called a photographer “wedding hangover” and just want to sleep. Not this time! Unfortunately, Wayne had lab this weekend so he couldn’t join in, but it was still such a great time together. We went to Satchel’s (second time this month!) and ended the night at Top Golf. While I don’t enjoy golf, this is way different. Think upscale bowling alley with no pressure to be good and a lot of laughing. 

Satchel's Pizza in Gainesville

Another significant moment was saying, “See you later” to a friend from our microchurch. Some of our girls met up at Starbucks the night before her move and celebrated her. I’m telling you, in the mountain tops and in the low valleys, this microchurch is the real deal.

Greenhouse Church

First wedding with Kim after her training! We smiled, we photographed, we styled, we chased after missing family members and we ate our weight in tacos. So glad to do this alongside her.


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