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Tips for bringing your dog to your session with us!

Oct 22, 2021

We love when you bring along your pup along to your session with us. Actually, “can my dog come to my session” is one of the most common questions I get asked regarding engagement (and family) sessions. My answer is always YES! I love when you bring your furry family member to join in the fun of family photos. 

To help you get ready for your next shoot with us, below are some of my top tips for preparing to bring your dog with you to your session.

Bring a friend or dog sitter.

Most pups get so excited about being in a new place, especially when you’re doing something fun together! My top tip is to bring a friend along to hold your pup while the two of you get photos together. I’ll take plenty of pictures of you (your family) with your dog, but you’re going to want a few without your dog. Having a friend there will give your dog the attention they need while I focus on taking photos of your family.

Don’t forget to bring treats!

Treats and toys are great ways to get their attention when I’m attempting to capture them or reward them for listening. These are work for bribing children (and husbands).

Consider fun accessories! 

We suggest neutral and straightforward leashes and collars for photoshoots. If you want to elevate your pup’s look, you can add fun accessories like a floral wreath from your florist or a bowtie. Why not get your dog all dressed up too? A few ideas: floral collars, greenery leashes, bandannas, and flower crowns.

Let us know ahead of time if you’re planning to bring your pup.

Dogs are welcome at my sessions 100% of the time (as long as that venue allows dogs). All I ask is that you let me know ahead of time so I’m prepared! We need to check with the shoot location since some places do not allow dogs, and we don’t want to be surprised that day.

Visit our website to book a session with your furry family member.


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