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Sarah + Ethan | Gainesville Wedding Photographer

Apr 30, 2020

These two know a lot about selfless and sacrificial love. Sarah first saw how selfless Ethan’s love was for her very early in their relationship. Two months in, Sarah remembers telling Ethan that she had accepted an internship in Knoxville. “I expected him to be supportive,” Sarah told us. “But I did NOT expect the reaction he gave me. He dropped everything immediately, swept me up in a twirling hug, and took me out to celebrate. He didn’t express any fear or concern about the fact that they had just begun a relationship. He didn’t speak or complain about the strain that a long-distance could cause.” Because of the way he put her first, Sarah was able to start her career in Knoxville – a place she knew she would THRIVE – without giving up a potential future with him.

These two met in the Gator marching band playing piccolo. They quickly became best friends in college but didn’t start dating until after they both moved to Jacksonville. The weekend we shot these photos, they were actually in town for their alumni game – all past marching band members got to perform on the field together. Since I was in marching band in high school, I had to ask them who had a higher chair (ranking) in their section. Sarah was quick to answer that Ethan had a higher ranking than she did! It was really fun to reminisce on my band days and share stories together during their engagement session.

As we wandered around Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, I got to know Sarah + Ethan and see for myself their example of selfless love. During the time of their session, they were still doing long distance, so they already had limited time together. For a session that was all about them, they asked me questions and made me feel like a friend they haven’t seen in a while. It was so much fun to be around them for their contagious joy for being around each other… and me!

Really looking forward to this wedding! I already know it is going to be so beautiful and worth the wait.


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