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Elizabeth + Owen | Jekyll Island Wedding Photographer

Apr 16, 2020

Beach Wedding Photographer

(by Kim Moller)

Owen proposed to Elizabeth while she was finishing up grad school in Florida. Right before he came to visit her one weekend, he casually mentioned that he had sent Elizabeth a puzzle that they could work on together while he was in town. (side note: Elizabeth had mentioned to him once that she really enjoyed doing puzzles together with her Mom) The puzzle arrived in the mail and Owen told Elizabeth to go ahead and start putting together the puzzle with her Mom before he arrived in town. It was 1000 pieces after all!

As they began the puzzle, Elizabeth noticed that the pieces had writing on them. She assumed that Owen had written her sweet note on the pieces but she made the decision to wait until it was completed to read what he had written her. Owen arrived in town, and excitedly they worked on finishing the puzzle. Owen was scheduled to leave on Monday morning and they still hadn’t finished putting the puzzle together. 

Monday morning arrived and he casually asked her if they could spend time finishing the puzzle. After they had put all the pieces together and Owen asked Elizabeth to read his note. The note was very sweet and hinted at the two of them spending the rest of their lives together. As she finished reading the note Owen asked her, “Do you see what it says?” She didn’t know why he was asking her that question as she had just read it. He told her to, “Look again at the puzzle.” When Elizabeth did, she noticed that the first letter of each line made an acrostic poem that literally spelled out the words, “Elizabeth, will you marry me?” Owen immediately got down on one knee and proposed (with his Mom’s engagement ring)!! How sweet that he had intentionally included both their moms in this special moment. 

Their wedding day was the sweetest. Owen was so affectionate towards Elizabeth and he was constantly smiling! He couldn’t stop staring at his bride the entire day. He wore a smile from cheek to cheek- the whole day. These two were a true joy to be around and were very present as their day unfolded.

Incredible vendors – Bride’s Shoes: Steve Madden / Bridesmaids Dresses: JJ’s House / Ceremony Venue: St. Brendan Catholic Church /Dress Shop: / Lola Grace Bridal /  DJ: Mister DJ / Florist: Simply Roses / Hair + Makeup: Jaycee with Amanda Hopcraft / Invitation: Zazzle / Reception Venue: Cici and Hyatt Brown Museum of Art /

Beach Wedding PhotographerBeach Wedding PhotographerBeach Wedding Photographer


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