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Carney Monthbook | February

Mar 3, 2020

February kicked off with a wedding near Jacksonville! Because it wasn’t that far away, I was able to have breakfast with Ethan before heading out which was really special because I don’t normally get any quality time with the kiddos on wedding days.

toddler breakfast

A former architecture classmate and one of my very favorite brides was a guest at the wedding! We ran into each other in the bathrooms! It was such a highlight to catch up (not in the bathrooms) and hear about her starting Dap Design in Orlando. We had a little moment during the reception. While talking about my architecture background, I mentioned how I’ve questioned studying architecture, since I don’t use my degree at all. I confessed that I felt an undergraduate degree in business may have been better for my career. Nikki encouraged me and made me realize the answer to something I’ve asked the Lord several times in the past. She insisted that my architecture past developed and refined my eye, which currently plays a role in the way I visualize shots. It has helped me appreciate spaces, light, framing, form, movement, and direction in an image.

This conversation was a defining moment for me.

wedding photographer at receptionblue bridesmaid dresses

The very next day we scheduled a marketing shoot for our grad sessions next month! Ashley coordinated a friend shoot between a bunch of strangers who left our shoot as friends! All of the laughs, confetti and champagne mishaps made it the most fun I have ever had at a grad shoot. It also left Kim, Ashley and I left wanting to be a part of this faux friend group!

gator grad photos

the swamp grad photos

I had some film left over from the weekend, so I asked a local florist designer, Iron & Clay Flowers, to play with her leftovers from the weekend. She enlightened me on the use of locally grown flowers incorporated into her designs and her love for partnering with local businesses to provide floral art for their spaces!

More of #selfieswithSelah and her wild hair. My favorite was unintentionally matching in the MP office with our animal print!

selfies with babyleopard print baby outfit

Wayne left for a PT conference with classmates in Denver. Since he was going to be gone during Valentine’s Day, we had a family date at home with ice cream sundaes! I think we will make this a tradition. Family Valentine’s Date.

kids valentine ideas

The Thursday before Valentine’s Day, Ashley hosted a Galentine’s breakfast for dinner night. I got to experiment with flowers and make a centerpiece that consisted of Target roses, Trader Joe’s tulips and filler greens and front yard azaleas ($30 total). While I’m no florist, it was better than any store-bought Valentine’s bouquet, in my honest opinion. She made the cutest Galentine’s charcuterie board… all from Aldi!

galentines dinner

Once I got to Ashley’s, we added a couple more flowers from her yard. It was such yummy quality time with good food, conversations, and company.

galentines dinner

On Valentine’s Day, I had a mom fail and a mom win all within a couple of hours. Ethan’s daycare class required a Valentine’s Day card for each student, so I purchased a box of Valentine’s from Walmart the night before and decided to drop off surprise cards to some of our friends in the middle of the night. I was clearly out of it because after leaving a couple on a doorstep, I DROPPED A COUPLE ON THE SIDEWALK AND LEFT THE ENTIRE BOX ON THE TOP OF THEIR TRUNK! It then poured, so the box of cards was ruined. Cool, cool, cool. Well, I didn’t even realize this mistake until I was leaving to take him to daycare and realized his Valentine’s Day cards were missing from my backseat. I quickly ordered this design for $3 on Etsy, printed them on cardstock and attached dinosaurs we had from a bag Ethan had. How cool do these look?! I needed that win!

kids valentines idea

That evening I had the neighborhood kids come over for a Valentine’s date. Ashley, Tori and I took her sister’s kids and Ethan’s bff and gave their parents a kid-free Valentine’s Date. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We had a picnic dinner on our floor (mainly because it was the only place we could fit the kids and easier to clean up on a blanket), snuggled and watched a Disney movie, decorated pretzels and ended the night with a crazy dance party. It was the sweetest time to sit back and watch the memories happen as our families become one. I love these people! Also, that twig Ethan is holding is the twig he used to ask me to be his Valentine. My cutie.

Ethan had his first Happy Meal! We cheers’ed with our cheeseburgers. What started off as a rough day, ended up in smiles and attitude changes (mine included).

I took him and Selah to the park for a little bit that same afternoon. My plan was to wear Selah as I chased Ethan around in the playground, but because Selah was asleep in her car seat, Ethan spent a good 10 minutes playing by himself. I was starting to feel bad watching him from the sidelines when the neighborhood kids showed up and ran after him! It was the cutest scene!

kids at a park

After Wayne returned from his trip, we went out for tacos, elotes and 2for1 margaritas at one of my favorites, Boca Fiesta. Kidless Valentine’s date for the win.

date night downtown

Some more memories with the kiddos:

– Ethan spent the entire afternoon celebrating his BFF’s bday, just them two!

-“Ethan! You’re so handsome!” “I know, Mommy!”

-Quiet time memories with Ethan in our back room.

– This month Selah had a couple of firsts. She experienced her first pureed food – avocados! I don’t think she was ready for that, because she was NOT having it. Another milestone was sitting up and starting to crawl!

– Ethan picking more flowers from our yard for me… but then keeping them for himself in his room.

I got to second shoot for Kim’s first 2020 associate wedding!

second shooting

The kiddos and I got sick this month and I got it pretty badly. Many days were spent on my bed or the couch, trying to fight off a fever and eventually a bad sinus infection.

sick with kids

Another date night! We stayed in and had dinner in our back room, which is still under construction. We put on a movie for Ethan and placed Selah in her activity center (you can see her to the left of me crying for me to pick her up). Even though the kids were still up and we were in casual clothes, it was perfect. Halfway through our date, my brother comes out dressed in a button-down and bowtie and serves us water. Since he didn’t have plans on a Friday night, he chose to surprise us and serve us. He even watched over Ethan a bit so that we could have some more quality time.

date night on the porch

Some of the colorful food I’ve been making. Give me all of the veggies!

Ended the month with a girl’s night at a local clay artist’s studio! We brought our own wine and snacks (fries and queso, don’t judge) and made our own mugs! This exercise was an exercise in life lessons.

1. Perfection is impossible.

2. It’s okay to start over.

3. A little wear and tear gives you more character.

4. It’s okay, and sometimes necessary, to ask for help.

clay class

See you next month, friends!


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