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Rachel + Edwin Anniversary | Gainesville Portrait Photographer

Feb 27, 2020

The Top Restaurant

Once upon a time there was a girl from Florida and a boy from Mississippi. They met each other at a Christian Dental Conference, did their relationship long-distance, and the rest is history!

Rachel fessed up that she was the one who made the first move. She saw him eating an Oreo dessert on a lunch break during the dental conference.  Naturally, she had to ask him if it was worth eating. She said that she first notices how “easy he was to talk to and how handsome he was.” (which helped her overlook the fact that he was wearing tennis shoes with jeans….) Edwin said that Rachel was “cute with her long hair and nerdy glasses.” Love at first sight…get it?

These two had their first date at a Crossfit gym in Mississippi. Rachel didn’t want to admit she couldn’t do as many burpees as she thought she could and unfortunately had to sneak outside to throw up… she went right back inside and completed the workout. She told us that she didn’t tell Edwin this story until a year into their relationship….can you blame her? lol

I met these two when they joined our Microchurch right after they got engaged. One of the things that stood out to me the most as I got to know them is how willing they are to invite people into the deepest parts of their lives and then they are also the life of the party. I think this really shows up in this anniversary session. They would pause to be serious with one another and then moments later they were swinging in the playground together.

We wanted this session to feel like Gainesville, so we visited the popular park Depot Park. They posed next to the historic train car, strolled around in front of some art walls and even went swinging.  They wanted this session to celebrate their anniversary and their upcoming change of season. Edwin is finishing up school this year and Rachel has some big plans for running a pediatric dentistry office. After Edwin graduates, this will be the first year that they will both be out of school since they started dating. This was plenty of reason to celebrate this season of their lives and their 2nd wedding anniversary! My favorite moment of the session was when they both let loose at the end and had a dance-off in front of my FAVORITE art wall in Gainesville. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate their love and accomplishments!

Depot Park cade museum cade museum Depot PArk Depot Park Photo session Depot Park The Top


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