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Moller Family | Gainesville Family Photographer

Sep 25, 2019


My heart is filled with excitement to share this maternity session of one of our own MP gals! Kim is our Associate & Family Photographer! She joined the team last year and we are very excited to see this family grow.  How sweet of the Lord to entrust Kim and Jon with building this legacy and molding these little lives for His glory, and what an honor. They glorify the Lord by parenting in grace, by pointing their kiddos to Jesus every day. They bring God so much glory just by being who He created them to be, raising their kids to do the same.

Nothing makes me more excited than to know that their legacy is growing by two tiny little feet.

The Thomas CenterGainesville Family Photographer

A funny story relating to parenting | The expression “kids say the darndest things is so true! When our oldest, Justus, was around 3 we went out to dinner and saw a gentleman who had an eyepatch. To our surprise, Justus’ quick response was “look, Daddy, a pirate!” We tried to divert the comment, but he remained persistent trying to convince us that the man really was a pirate!

Gainesville Family Photographer

The best part of becoming parents | The best part has been giving and receiving unconditional love on a daily basis. Every night we tell our kids there is nothing you could do or say that would make me love you more or less…and they say, “because I’m yours,” and we smile and say yes because you are mine. Also, this time having a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old along with our newborn, we have really enjoyed watching them love on our newest edition, Trulie. They are obsessed with her and are so joyful!

The Thomas Center

Describe a hurdle you’ve had to overcome in the transition to parenthood | Naturally, I want to please people and I don’t want to mess up. Becoming a mom, I had to learn that Jon and I were going to parent differently than each other and different than others. We have to come together to figure out how we want to raise our kids, but also that we could stand confidently by our convictions. Trusting that our children were given to us to raise and we didn’t need to do it exactly like everyone else has been something we have had to learn and grow in.

Gainesville Family Photographer

The most honest thing about being a parent | The most honest thing that we can say about being a parent is it’s messy. You will make a lot of mistakes and say I’m sorry and I forgive you alot. BUT, it’s so much fun and honestly, the best job that we have ever been entrusted with.

Gainesville Family Photographer

We love you Moller family!


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