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Carney Monthbook | November

Dec 1, 2018

This post is going to be a tad long, but I can’t help it because it was just a rich month FULL of good, good moments. The highlights began with Wayne and me celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary in Tulum, Mexico. I have had my heart set on Tulum, Mexico for years and I was NOT disappointed. My absolute favorite city that I have ever traveled to is Venice, Italy and my second favorite is Tulum, Mexico. What a trip of adventure, rest, unique design and local cheap eats (authentic tacos for less than $1 and ceviche)! I’ll let the images tell the beauty that was this city. 

Both Wayne and I agree that our favorite thing from this trip were the tacos. We would absolutely make the trip again just for a specific hole-in-the-wall taqueria and their tacos al pastor. I promise you it was that worth it. The reason we travel is that we very much enjoy experiencing and tasting local culture, so the majority of our meals were with local restaurants … and for super cheap! The rest we cooked. We did go grocery shopping (an awesome experience in itself) and also bought fresh fruits and veggies from locals on the side of the road. SO good and so much sweeter!

During the day we would make the short drive to the beach and spend the day at beach clubs. Almost every single beach club had beds, hanging nets and hammocks and swings to rest or layout on. My absolute favorite one was from the boutique hotel Nomade, for making all my boho design dreams come true. It was so well curated, even having rugs out on the beach! Another favorite included the famous treehouse hotel Azulik with their canopy everything. I strongly recommend visiting these two.

Numerous stand-alone shops, hotels, and restaurants line the drive to the beach, so close to the road that you don’t have to drive from spot to spot. Undergrad Ingrid was so stimulated with each place since the architecture and interiors were all so unique. I think this is what makes Tulum such an interesting place. Every spot is a different experience.

Seriously, if anyone reading this is considering vacationing Tulum, go ahead and buy your flight. We’d love to chat with you talk about where to stay and go. We returned just in time to VOTE in the midterms. The following week was our actual anniversary, so we celebrated at Moe’s and Coldstone along with Ethan!

This month, the leaves fell! I was walking with Ethan towards daycare and looked down to see the leaves had changed and fallen! I also happened to notice how cute Ethan’s little hands were in mine 😉 Still, a highlight is bedtime routines with Wayne. In November, Wayne taught Ethan how to count in Spanish and it was the sweetest sounds to my ears! November also marked our first team gathering, where the rest of the girls got to meet our associate for a picnic downtown. After several months of preparing and interviewing, it was a great feeling to just all be together.

John Crist show in Orlando! Funnier than his Instagram stories.

Ashley and I shared a Target date, where we sat for hours in the Hearth & Hand section going through Joanna Gaines’ design in her new book! I love our quality time.

Before we left to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families, Alex, my brother, had his last day in Gainesville. He requested that we spend some time together in the Word at his favorite spot. We ate Bento and picnicked under his favorite tree as we sought the Lord. These are my favorite moments with him.

We also got to host Thanksgiving with our microchurch (Bible study). I have been wanting to do this for years now and it was such a pleasure seeing 30 bodies (that’s just HALF of our group) filling our home and sharing a meal together. Everyone brought a dish to share and sat in the back porch, where we fit 3 farmhouse tables under market lights. I even got to begin the tradition my neighbor shared with me. Every guest (for every year moving forward) signs the linen with their name, date and one thing they were grateful this year.

Every Thanksgiving, we travel to West Palm Beach to celebrate with both of our families. Wayne and I grew up 5 mins away from each other, so holidays are easy to share! My sister spends every other Thanksgiving with us, so this year I got to meet and cuddle my newest niece, Camila! We ended our trip attending the South Florida campus of our church and reunited with some familiar Gainesville faces.

The month ended with MP taking team/family pictures and celebrating (a few days early) our MP business anniversary! A lot of happy tears were shed that night as we remembered the gifts of the Lord. We even ended the night in prayer covering the team, couples and praising God for His grace that permeates every year of business. A good friend of mine, Katie from KT Crabb Photography, came alongside me in the very beginning and mentored me as I began my business. She was our team photographer this day and was there to capture MP after 8 years! That was special to me. I’ll reveal images from our team soon, but here is a sweet moment captured of our family.

Grateful for a month full of celebrating His goodness in our life.


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