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Happy Birthday Wayne!

Oct 29, 2018

Today we are celebrating the birthday of our very own, Wayne Carney!

He is our fearless CFO, knowledgeable in all things pertaining to taxes, budgets and finances. He is also a talented second shooter, professional boutonniere handler, diet coke runner, dad-joke teller and friend to every groom and groomsmen. We know he’s not going to like all this birthday attention, he much prefers staying behind the scenes, but today, we are going to celebrate him from the rooftops! (Sorry we’re not sorry!)

Wayne, you’re the most kind-hearted and patient man that I know. Those closest to you know that you humbly take on a role behind the scenes, so that someone else can shine. A lot of the time, that’s me. Wayne, at the same time that you hold my hand through all the moments, you gladly lift me up to stand on higher ground. You know that verse that you have tattooed on your ring finger? Ephesians 5:25. Babe, you live it. More than anyone I’ve ever met, that is your verse. You show up and give yourself up… daily, like a life lived as an offering. Through you, I’ve seen a glimpse of the Lord’s love and kindness over me.

Today, you are spending your birthday working all day and then studying all night. Outside of the team you are involved in so much! While you say this season has been your most challenging, I’m proud of you. I’m grateful to celebrate you by standing beside YOU, holding YOUR hand and lifting YOU up. It is MY HONOR to show you everything the Lord’s taught me through you. Happy birthday. You’re so worth celebrating, and lifting up, every day! In the words of Lany, ILYSB!

Favorite Thing about Wayne

I love how laid back Wayne is. He doesn’t seem bothered or worried about the little things in life. His contentment is contagious. – Kim

I love that I can randomly sing the lyrics from any 2000’s rap song and Wayne will immediately finish the line with me! It’s a pretty fun game!- Ashley

My favorite thing is how passionate he is about helping people. He has the most generous, servant’s heart. Also, his beard. – Ingrid

That he appreciated my puns and actually laughs at them. We also enjoy laughing together over nerdy science jokes. – Tori

Something you might not know about Wayne

He is one of the hardest workers. He might have a lot on his plate but you’d never know that because when it comes time for him to be present, he is 100% there! – Tori

He can recite every lyric to Usher’s top hits and can dance better than me (he just won’t show it publicly). – Ingrid

He is the most patient person on the planet…no really, the most patient! Also, he’s pretty hood! – Ashley

Wayne brings a comfortable casual approach to photographing groomsmen. He makes them feel like he’s one of the guys and it’s very natural and easy for them to be around him! – Kim

Favorite Memory with Wayne

Getting to third wheel my first wedding with Wayne & Ingrid. I absolutely loved being behind the scenes and learning from both of them. – Kim

Our staycation this year! We had our phones on airplane mode and had quality family time. Building a fort in the middle of our living room and snuggling with Ethan was pretty great. – Ingrid

All the game nights with the fam and the many hours that he served me by helping me study for calculus. (I passed that class because of Wayne!) -Tori

One time, I discovered a yearbook photo from when Wayne was 10 years old. I decided that this photo should have a proper place on the fridge. So I decided to rearrange the photos on the fridge so that picture could be placed right in the center. He came home from work that day and there it was in all its glory. He quickly took it down and hid it away.  Next time I came over, I found the photo and once again hung it on the fridge. Much to Wayne’s dismay, this went on for months! – Ashley


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