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Happy 2nd Birthday, Ethan!

May 31, 2018

Ethan, my sweet boy.

Happy birthday to the boy who melts my heart! It’s been two years since you’ve joined our family and your daddy and I are so thankful to be chosen as your parents. What an honor it is to raise a little man. When we realized it was you in my tummy, we were able to pray for you by name and that was powerful to us. The praying hasn’t stopped, (Lord knows I need the grace and guidance) but this time I have an extra set of hands holding mine. You don’t have any idea what daddy and I say when we pray, but it melts my heart to hear you whisper “amen” at the end.

I only have two years to compare, but this past year has been the MOST fun. You learned to walk right after you turned one and it was so cute!  Your daddy and I really enjoyed watching you figure things out on your own. We would help you practice, but we wanted you to learn to get up after you fall. We hope you learn that in any case, but your effort to keep trying and figure it out led to other problem solving moments for yourself. Just the other day, you were riding your little tricycle and you got stuck in the corner of the room. You got upset, but daddy encouraged you to keep trying. It was so great to see you get back up on your own and wiggle your way out of it. I hope your daddy and I can always make you feel empowered. Ethan, that’s one of our greatest hopes… to encourage you and cheer you on, because you are capable and strong.

Another thing you learned this past year was to say I love you! Okay, I think this was my favorite moment. It was the end of a very long and rough day and I was getting you ready for bed. I told you I loved you and YOU REPEATED IT! I yelled for Daddy to come over and I LOST IT because you kept repeating it. I was there on my knees on your floor and just freaking out. It was so exciting to hear your voice say those words. Everything that took up space in my heart that day was erased and I lived off of our moment. “I love you, mommy.” is my new favorite.

This past year you have also learned to associate sounds to the source, from animals to thunder. You weren’t a fan of that sound, as you ran under the table to hide and cling to my leg. I gently pulled you out and talked with you about how the thunder brings the rain (or as you call it, “agua”) and the rain feeds the baby flowers. I took you out to the patio so that you can reach your hand out and touch the rain falling from the roof. You reacted with a “wow.” I loved watching your face as the fear turn into curiosity. That was a big moment for me. I’m so proud of you and you’re just two!

Your last day at the office, Tori and I worked for half a day. While our hearts were not ready to give up office snuggles, we chose to celebrate your last day at home. It was definitely a highlight. You had breakfast with us in the office, snuggled with me while I edited, picnicked with Tori and then went to the pumpkin patch and ended the day.

… and you did SO GREAT when I dropped you off at daycare!

I love hammocking with you. This is my absolute favorite thing to do for our quality time together. Except for the one time you flipped over. I had a mini heart attack. You got up and laughed.

Something I pray over you daily is for an abundance of joy. I think the Lord delivered…

… except for when you wake up in the mornings. Those have not been your favorite.

The Lord is so gracious in allowing us to experience the depth of joy you bring us. Your life is one of my favorite answered prayers. I love you so much.

While we never claim to be perfect or know all of the answers to raising a child, it really excites us to lead you and disciple you. I am excited to see what new things you learn as a two year old and what other favorite moments you’re going to be adding to our life.

I adore you. I adore you. I adore you, son.

Love you always,



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