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Playful Anniversary Session | Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

May 19, 2022

Approaching this session, I knew I wanted it to feel light, playful, and romantic… all while feeling like “home.” With that in mind, I wanted the location to be clean as a backdrop so that the interactions between these newlyweds were the main focus. I chose Rembert Farms, because there is this hilly area on site that had such soft lines, clean lines, and just felt quiet. It truly felt like they were in the middle of nowhere, living out a movie soundtrack. 

Brittney and David recently got married near the mountains of North Carolina. Between that, buying a new home, and David starting his own business, there was much to celebrate! They ran around the field, spun in circles holding hands, and even rested on the side of the hill as the sun saturated their skins. While our time together was brief, it felt like playtime that I didn’t want to end.

This session was just for fun. Simple as that. I pushed myself by shooting black and white film and only shooting in film. I think these images feel like a cross between summer during the tail end of winter and like the comfort of feeling at home in someone’s arms. I’m so happy with the results, because of how the images feel.

Film Processing: Photovision
Makeup: Makeup by Steph Moser


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