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Duke Gardens Engagement Session | Chapel Hill Wedding Photographer

Jan 14, 2022

I remember the first time I spoke with Yuna. We had a phone consultation, and I recall feeling like I was on the phone with a friend I hadn’t talked to in a while. We talked about community, faith, dating, and then spent what felt like a few minutes on wedding coverage. 

We met at the stunning grounds of Duke Gardens for their engagement session. The garden grounds were packed with visitors enjoying the cooler weather. The leaves had not fully turned for fall, but the crisp air was evidence that fall was coming. 

Before we began their engagement session, they mentioned how awkward they were in front of the camera. Imagine my surprise as the next moments together unfolded. Instead of awkward, they were dynamic, playful, light-hearted, and calm, which is consistent with the feelings I felt when chatting with Yuna the first time. You can tell they are at home with each other and consistent in making others feel like they are home. 

I loved working with Yuna & Andy because they became instant friends. It’s like they pulled up a chair to their table before we even met. If this is how they love a stranger, I cannot imagine how their May wedding day will feel with all their most important loved ones in the room.


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