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University of Tampa Engagement Session | Tampa Wedding Photographer

Aug 11, 2021

Cameron and Connor met during their freshman year of high school. Cameron told me that she remembers a new kid joining her 9th grade English class halfway through the school year. Over the next few years in high school, they found themselves in the same group of friends and they formed a deep friendship that carried into college.

We met up in their hometown, where their friendship first began. This engagement marked my first session this year where the summer heat SHOWED UP. While it was a pretty sweaty evening, these two brought their own heat while spending time shooting at the University of Tampa and Hyde Park. The University of Tampa is special to them because in high school they took prom pictures with their friends here and years later they returned for another set of formal portraits… their engagement. Hyde Park is right around the corner from Cameron’s parent’s house, where they would spend a lot of date nights. Talk about a full-circle moment.

Learning about Cameron and Connor’s love story took me back to my own story with Wayne. The similarities are uncanny – them being friends in high school and college, attending each other’s fraternity and sorority events together as just friends, road trips back home during school breaks because one person didn’t have a car. Fast forward a few more events together and Connor finally makes it official with his friend Cameron. 

One of my favorite moments from our time together was when we were taking pictures in an intersection as the sun was setting just perfectly. The busy life of the street was behind them but they were in their own little world cuddling up in the middle of it all. What a beautiful moment for a beautiful couple.  

Cameron & Connor, beyond excited to document this love story of yours – the one that God has been writing for you all along. Come on, March 2022!

Photographer: Ingrid | Film Processing: Photovision


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