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San Francisco Engagement | Muir Beach Photographer

May 28, 2021

I met up with Lane & Richard in San Francisco for their engagement session. Their session was a party as Lane’s family and their wedding planner were in town for a whole wedding planning week! Even their pup, Henny, joined in on the fun. Emily with Event Bliss was super helpful with dog sitting in between shots, cheerleading the couple, and even protecting me from oncoming traffic on mountainous curved roads. 

The views of Muir Beach, San Francisco took my breath away. I’ve shot at this location previously but the weather was cloudy/foggy. It was a treat to experience the sun shining for this session. The sun made the location feel and look completely different. It was as if the beach came alive. The rocks and water sparkled as the sunlight danced upon them. This kind of weather is my sweet spot (personally and professionally) and I was giddy with excitement.

Lane and Richard had the most go-with-the-flow attitudes throughout the session. Given their session took a couple of hours because we had to drive to the different locations and San Francisco traffic is a real treat. These two were more than willing to go for each “extra shot,” be fully present with each other, and show excitement for my wild ideas. They gave me freedom with time to create, while also genuinely enjoying each other’s company. 

One of my favorite shots was the very last photograph I snapped. I was inspired by my friend Emily to do a motion shot in front of the bridge. I had ONE shot left in my roll of film, absolutely no physical space at all to back up to get more in my frame (winding roads with heavy traffic) and I was losing light very quickly. I had everything working against me. I think I must have shot and held my breath because there was that little light left for my film camera. I was pleasantly surprised to see the scans and find that I got exactly what I wanted! The motion happened right in between the structure of the in-focus Golden Gate bridge. The image feels romantic, lively, and different. So thankful!

Lane & Richard, cannot wait to come back to San Francisco for your wedding in a couple of months! 

Film Processing: Photovision


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