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Garden Family Session | Gainesville Family Photographer

Apr 28, 2021

Your wedding day is simply the first page of a great story – a story of a lifetime of love, commitment, and choosing each other. We are devoted to documenting each chapter of your legacy thereafter. 

One of the things we love about this job is capturing families right where you’re at at this moment. It’s an opportunity for us to document the child’s personality as a joyful (or shy) three-year-old or the joy in your husband’s face as he chases your teenage daughter around or how sweetly your family interacts together. Either way, it’s a joy to document families in both the significant moments of life and the ever-so-sweet in-between moments.

Recently, we had the pleasure of photographing the Fulda family. Their son Wesley wasn’t game for the formal family shots…like every two-year-old. We decided to embrace it and I instructed mom and day to chase Wesley around. He walked around and explored the park – tickles were key to his adorable little smile. Wesley seemed to be a Daddy’s boy and spent lots of time in his Daddy’s arm and snuggled up. It made me reminisce about how my son was at this age. He loved to snuggle with his daddy. He’s about to turn 8, it’s crazy how fast time goes.

Family photography is a way to embrace where you are in this season of life and representing each personality within your family. This is a way of collecting your stories’ milestones for generations to come. Fulda family, thank you for allowing our team to capture your family legacy. What a joy to meet you and help you wrangle Wesley.

Photographer: Kim

If you’re interested in Mini Sessions, book one with Kim in Gainesville here! Or you can reserve Ingrid in Raleigh here!


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