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Marsha & Caleb | Orlando Engagement Session

Mar 30, 2021

Fun fact about these two! Prior to meeting Marsha & Caleb, Ashley (our Creative & Content Director) stumbled across a photo of them and told me that she would love to see me photograph them. I agreed – who wouldn’t want two people with big, contagious smiles on the other side of their camera? Fast forward a few months and I receive an inquiry from Marsha for her wedding day. Ashley reminded me she was the same girl from that picture she sent me! We definitely had a mini fangirl moment for sure.

Marsha & Caleb met each other on the dance floor. Yep, you read that correctly. They were attending their friend’s wedding (I was actually the photographer for this wedding) when Caleb asked Marsha to dance with him. They danced together that evening before they had a conversation. Caleb went home from that wedding and told his friend that he was going to marry Marsha. Marsha also went home and jokingly told her roommate that she met her husband. They both “knew” from that very first dance with each other.

Their engagement session was just what I expected from our initial Facetime. Marsha and Caleb are playful and while they look stunning with those GQ looks and outfits, their joy and playfulness is the best thing about them This session reminded me that shooting couples really is that simple. Find the dynamic of the relationship and express it through my lens.


  1. Truly brilliant pictures!

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