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Modern Rooftop Engagement Session | Ft. Lauderdale Wedding Photographer

Feb 25, 2021

Mary & Dylan attended the same high school, but they didn’t connect much much later. Their moms were really good friends and would spend time taking breaks at work to pray for their children, specifically their child’s future spouse, not realizing that in the future their kids would meet, fall in love, and get married. It is so sweet to know that their mothers played a role, unbeknownst to themselves, in this marriage. 

I knew these two were MY KIND OF PEOPLE when they showed up for our early morning session with a skinny iced vanilla latte in hand for me. Thankfully, we were graced with the warm and sunny SoFlo weather I love. It added to the warmth in the colors of the imagery. I AM HERE FOR THAT YUMMY LIGHT!

My time photographing them felt more like time hanging out with good friends, spending a lot of time laughing, and getting to know each other. We started their engagement session in an empty Ft Lauderdale parking garage and then they danced together to a John Mayer Spotify playlist while I snapped photos of them. The second part of their session took place in the urban oasis that is Hugh Birch, State Park. Fun fact: this park is considered to be Ft Lauderdale’s version of Central Park.

By the end of the session, we stood in the parking lot talking a lot longer than we much that we realized we all had to get going!


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