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2020 – Year in Review | Naples Wedding Photographer

Jan 26, 2021

As unique as a year that was 2020, looking back at these images makes me so proud. Nothing was wasted, praise God, nothing was wasted. While there were many times of confusion and defeat, we celebrated… a lot. This blog post is a yearly favorite because I get to recount the ways the Lord has been good. Pouring through images, sessions and our business moments helps remind me to choose to savor moments over being overly curated. Even in everyday moments, there is an extraordinary display of God’s grace. We just have to be open enough to see it.

That was sort of the theme of 2020, for me… being open to seeing the good that was happening even in the chaos and unforeseen challenges of this unique year. So I am thankful for the opportunities I had to create for myself when I don’t usually have the capacity to do so. I am proud of our couples for pivoting when a worldwide shutdown threatened to cancel celebrations. I am humbled by the fact that we were blessed with even more work, which was led by the spike of elopements and micro-weddings. 2020 was not wasted. There was so much to celebrate.

A few MP highlights:

Recount with us as I share some of my favorite images that Kim and I have taken from the past year.

  • With the pandemic, I was faced with having to rely very heavily on seeking wisdom from the Lord on how to move forward with certain decisions. These were decisions that had never been made before, so I couldn’t follow anyone’s footsteps on critical business practices and choices during a pandemic. Full of confidence and peace, I chose to move forward and make some hard calls. They weren’t always well received, but I was proud of myself for doing what I felt was right for the business I’m accountable for. This year brought a lot of courage and confidence.
  • Our team produced three different shoots that were for the simple purpose of being creative. We got a lot of playtime with beautiful details, experimented with new ways to direct a moment, and we had a lot of fun in between. A favorite was checking off a bucket list spot with a styled anniversary session in Alys Beach.
  • Given that COVID required a lot of communication with our couples, client relationships developed quickly. There were even some tears shared together on phone calls as we navigated wedding decisions together. I genuinely felt like this allowed friendships to form more intimately with our couples. In a time where we couldn’t hug our couples, we’ve managed to still get close.  
  • We re-evaluated the content we had, making sure that we displayed the beauty of diversity. Even when we didn’t have the content to share, we created it, making it a priority to be a part of a solution.
  • Molliner Photography turned 10! It was so emotional to recognize such a big milestone. This big milestone was celebrated with a company rebrand! We wanted the representation of our website and logo to reflect the imagery we produce… timeless, elegant, and emotional. So we put in ALL OF THE HOURS to elevate the website into something we are proud of.
  • I got the pleasure of meeting a photography icon, Jen Huang, at a shoot in California. I loved learning how she directs couples during quick moments, especially. A highlight was talking to her about motherhood before I recognized who she was. 

Can’t wait to see what the Lord does in 2021!


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