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Camille + Dan | Gainesville Maternity Photographer

Feb 13, 2020

Photos by Kim Moller
I met Camille almost 5 years ago at one of our mutual best friends’ wedding. Camille and I were both bridesmaids in that wedding. Not long after that, Camille started working out with us at our church gym and then at our home. Our friendship grew over the years through coffee dates and playing with my kids. I met Dan for the first time at Publix (we shop at the same one) when I was with my kids- I recognized him from her photos.

I was really excited when I found out they were pregnant! Over the years, I have watched her love on my kiddos- she’s so good with them! She would come over to my house to paint Nellie’s nails, color with Justus and snuggle with our baby girl. What an honor it will be to watch her become a Mama herself. I am really thankful to be on the journey of motherhood alongside Camille- I’m hopeful our little girls will grow up to be great friends- they are exactly 8 months apart!

What has been the best part of becoming parents? We have absolutely LOVED becoming parents. We’ve both been on maternity/paternity leave together, which has been such a sweet bonding time of learning how to be parents together, how to operate as a good team and to support each other. It has flown by and at the same time, it feels like we’ve known Chloe forever and we love her so much more than we thought was possible.

Tell us a funny story relating to parenting! The first night in the hospital, I went to sleep after having fed Chloe and put her down in the bassinet. I woke up a few hours later to her crying and went to feed her. After feeding her, Dan and I changed our first dirty diaper together, swaddled her back up and put her back down to sleep. Then Dan said to me ” Ok, I’m going to sleep now too”, and I was like “What do you mean, going to sleep now too?? She’s been sleeping for hours, what have you been doing!” And he said, “I was just watching her”. He was totally smitten and I melted.

Describe a hurdle you’ve had to overcome in the transition to parenthood: The sleep deprivation has definitely been an adjustment but we’ve been able to work as a team in that too. I usually take the night shift and then Dan wakes up with her in the morning for playtime after breakfast and lets me get some extra sleep.

What is the most honest thing you can say about being a parent?  It definitely requires sacrifice and reorganizing your life around this little one’s needs, but it is so so so worth it. She is our biggest blessing and we can’t imagine not being her parents.


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