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Macy & Andrew | Gainesville Engagement Photographer

Jan 24, 2020

Photographer: Kim Moller

Macy + Andrew met each other through one of their mutual friends, Athen. Athen was one of Macy’s sorority sisters and played on a kickball league with Andrew. Macy told us that her friend tried really hard to convince her that she needed to give Andrew a chance. She even told Macy that “everyone loves A-Rob” (nickname from college) and that he was “so cool!” That was enough to convince Macy to go on a date with him.

Their first date took place on Valentine’s Day. Andrew’s sincerity and thoughtfulness showed when he arrived to pick her up. With him, he brought a bag of Tootsie Pops, because he remembered Macy saying how she loved them and was always running out of them. She would kept them on her desk in a candy dish. So thoughtful! The date consisted of a game of mini-golf and then went dinner at Prohibition Kitchen. Their personalities clicked and the conversation was natural. He claims that night was the night he realized Macy could talk to a brick wall, because she is a little social butterfly! Macy said that she loved how much Andrew was intentional in listening.

During this session, they told me that it was their first professional session with a photographer! They totally rocked it! Andrew told Ingrid and I that we made him feel like he nailed the session! They did awesome with all my cues and completely trusting me as the photographer. They even told us we made them feel like models! I loved Macy‘s smile and her laugh- her love for Andrew was so evident. It was also not hard to see that Andrew was just smitten with her- when we took some individual photos of Macy, he couldn’t contain himself from commenting and flirting with her as she walked and posed! It was really cute. These two cutie pies have a lifetime kind of love for sure.


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