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Carney Monthbook | June

Jul 2, 2019

This month was pretty eventful. It was a go big or go home month, for sure, as this month marked my last wedding and session before maternity leave (just to be clear, I am returning to shoot after maternity leave ends in November)! It’s getting so, so close! June to me meant closing the door on the season of running around for work as I enter into the season of slowing down for my family… and myself. As much traveling around that was done, it really (and I mean this with all of my heart) was all worth it. I can honestly say that after a month of sessions, styled shoots and two double header wedding weekends…I gave it my whole heart [Colossians 3:23].

The month began with a double wedding weekend in South Florida. And they were both DAY WEDDINGS! Oh my! I think I’m in love! Wayne and I didn’t know what to do with ourselves afterwards!

behind the scenes of a photographer

The first one was for a couple from our Greenhouse microchurch! Wayne used to disciple this groom, so it was really special to us to see friends in their dating season, speak into their lives and then witness (and document!) them as they get married. The second was an elopement for a couple that has been together for almost a decade! This bride is pregnant with a baby girl! She’s due one month after our little one. (When the bride requests a bump-to-bump picture, you do a bump-to-bump picture!) Always, always, always a pleasure to work with Jenna from Baug-haus, who is the sister-in-law of the bride. I mean, just look at her ceremony installation!

elopement in miami

There were a lot of moments of tears this month, for both Ethan and I. My little man is learning the difference between good and bad choices and this mama is learning and relearning patience, grace and dependence on Jesus. I’ve mentioned before that our focus is on teaching gentleness and kindness, aaaaand sometimes, that means WE are learning that as we set that standard, even when it’s hard. We fail, it hurts, and we have success and it’s amazing. But, it’s been a challenge to be completely transparent. I’d be sowing seeds of lies if I said everything was rainbows and butterflies. Being a parent is hard sometimes, with everyday being a new start, for us as parents and for Ethan. This makes it really important for me to treasure and focus on the moments he does things really well, as he continues to grow and learn. A win this month was extra cuddles before school so that morning grumpies don’t last as long. Also he began swim classes at Suncountry Sports. While he wasn’t a fan the first day (see pic below) he’s been doing so great! The teachers have helped him trust them and have no fear as he is learning. It really makes me proud to see the improvement.

Suncountry Swim classes

The very following weekend was another double header wedding weekend! Both weddings are stories of second chances at love and how much the Lord covers everything. Redemption.

second chances of love

I returned to San Francisco this month and reunited with my friend Emily (The Ganeys) as she invited me to second shoot some of her styled shoots alongside her. I got to meet her uber talented floral designer friend, Amy from Gather Design Company, who helped plan and execute some parts of the shoots. We all stayed together in Emily’s apartment, along with her two pups and BUCKETS AND BUCKETS of flowers. Amy taught us how to make centerpieces, which was so much fun! The weather was SO HOT (100 degrees) and there was a lot of loading and unloading that happened to make these shoots happen. It made me really respect floral designers.

Emily snuck some behind the scenes shots of me and my bump.

Vineyard wedding

A little behind the scenes of a flat lay detail shot.

behind the scenes of a flatlay

I got to shoot at the iconic SF City Hall with one of my very favorite couples, Vanessa + Travis! (Check out their Gainesville engagement session and their SF engagement session ) Having them in front of the camera is always inspiring, as they are the sweetest, most joyful (and probably most generous) humans. We pretty much had SF City Hall all to ourselves, so Emily and I got to really play! All of the heart eyes for this couple, the team and this BRIDAL JUMPSUIT. So thankful for Emily. While also being a close personal friend, she’s the person I run to for all photography related things. She’s also the one always inviting me to tag along in her adventures and come alongside her to work with her. We tag team and feed off each other so much that it really feels natural to be the same team.

Bridal Jumpsuit

Can we take a moment for this stunner of a bride and bouquet? Clean and modern. Praise hands to Amy, from Gather Design Company.

bridal jumpsuit

This really was the perfect way to wrap the week.

I came back to Florida and shot a college friend’s maternity/family session! We’re both pregnant at the same time 🙂

International Sushi Day! Ashley so kindly reminded me of this holiday and we got to celebrate during our lunch break and again for dinner. Waiting in line for free sushi during the downpour was worth it!

Wayne and I headed to West Palm for our babymoon! I will be honest and say that it started out rough, as nothing went according to plan. We arrived several hours later than expected after some mishaps. That delay held Wayne back in the hotel room for some makeup study time. My heart was so disappointed in the realization that I’d have to share him with school during our babymoon, but this offered a lot of quiet time with the Lord to myself. I came back to the room with a fresh start and books away! He hustled all day so that we could have the evening together. To my surprise, there were chocolate covered strawberries and champagne (for him) and juice (for me). We had some prayer and time with the Lord together to recalibrate expectations for the weekend, which was so helpful for my heart.

babymoonbabymoon ideas


The little architecture student in me was so happy to visit Restoration Hardware for their rooftop brunch. I ate the most expensive avocado toast that my lips have ever touched! We left the trip rested and so, so thankful for the quality time.

babymoon ideas

After returning from our babymoon, Ashley invited me to mocktails after one of our MP meetings. She wanted to celebrate the fact that I had completed my last session before maternity leave! I didn’t even think to celebrate! This is the type of friend that reminds you that there is always reason to celebrate, no matter how big or little the milestone is.

Cry babys bar in gainesville

Instead of a date night, one week Wayne and I had a date day at Cilantro’s Tacos (favorite place for tacos in Gainesville)! Look at my cutie!

Wayne’s schedule this semester has him going out of town for class/lab every other weekend. This man works hard and is dedicated to finishing well. Because of the demands of his PT program, he has had to miss a lot of moments at home. This group of friends (you might recognize two faces since they’re on the MP team) wanted to make an effort to hang out all of us, so they planned a trip to Top Golf near him. He was able to make it after his classes. Ethan was even able to play some, as they the staff handed him toddler-sized clubs! Look at him and daddy!

Jacksonville Top Golf

Thankful, thankful, thankful.


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