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Album & Print Sale!

Jun 17, 2019


We are excited to announce that we are having an Album & Print Sale!

It’s no secret that we believe in the importance of documenting your family’s story. We love getting to capture and help you treasure every season of your life. We know that the photos you have are physical proof of how much you’ve grown and how much you’ve loved. We also very much believe in your images living outside of your computer screen.


1. You enjoy images more outside of your screen. When my grandmother passed away, my family gathered together and looked through every single print that had her in it. We got to touch pictures, look closely at them, and laugh at memories together as we flipped through images. Even though viewing digital images on a screen is great (we are big fans of this), there’s something so amazing about actually getting images printed. Imagine your kids running through the halls and passing by the hanging frames filled with professional prints from your wedding day… the beginning of your family’s story. Or being able to flip through high-quality pages of an album full of beautiful images from your wedding or recent family photo shoot you had taken. Years and years later, you will still be flipping through these same pages. Framing photographs allows you and future generations to enjoy those photos daily. 


2. Printed pictures are tangible proof of your love and your legacy. I have a picture on the corner of my desk from a session we had last year. Wayne is holding me close and making me laugh. On hard days, when frustrations arise, I have a moment documented that memorializes our expression and feelings, reminding us why marriage is good & worth it. It serves to point me towards choosing Love, my covenant with God and my husband. If you print pictures that mean something to you, I promise they will serve as reminders in the easy and challenging times. Print that picture of you and your best friend who moved away – maybe it will remind you to call her every time you see it! Or print that picture of you and your children snuggling – it can serve as a reminder of the grace and patience they need. You can’t feel digital images like you can physically and emotionally feel printed ones.

3. Printed pictures help make your living space a home. Minimal and modern design is lovely, but it doesn’t feel lived in without pictures of your loved ones on the wall. When Wayne and I moved into our house, our walls were bare for a couple of years! It began to feel like a home when I hung up pictures of us in our hallway. If you walk down that hallway today, you’re going to see pictures of our travel adventures, since the beginning of our marriage. You’ll see anniversary trips in the US and out of the country, getaway trips to work on our marriage and getaway trips to celebrate for no reason at all, vacations with family, trips while being pregnant with Ethan and trips from traveling for weddings. You will even find an engagement picture there. Those printed photographs brought our past, our present, and our future into our new house. You can visibly see our story hanging on that hallway wall. I believe that your space can be beautifully decorated, with all of the most trendy pieces, but when your legacy is up on your walls, that is when your space becomes a home.

reasons to print your images

These are the reasons why we are offering a 15% discount off all albums & prints until 7/15!

Couples and families can take advantage of this sale by simply ordering through their online gallery. We hope this helps those of you who have possibly added a child to your family since the last time you put photos up on your walls. Or maybe you just purchased a home with your future husband and you need an excuse to enlarge photos of that sparkly ring that he put on your hand. Whatever the reason, may this sale encourage you to enjoy the legacy you are creating.

For more details, email us at!


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