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Happy Birthday, Tori!

Dec 22, 2018

Today is our sweet Tori’s 22nd birthday!

Tori is the MP Office Manager, unofficial Spotify playlist maker, organizer of all the details, pun-master, intentional friend and she has one of the biggest hearts to serve both our team and each of our clients.

She has been with our team for three years now, so it’s hard to imagine what we would do without her. More importantly, without her in our family! One of Tori’s most important contributions to what we do is keeping all of the wedding day logistics organized, on time and taken care of. She is the heartbeat behind the planning of each wedding day. Plus, she has added so many hours to my personal life just by being the fastest image culler of all time. She’s a rock star at her desk and an important piece in all of our hearts. So in honor of her GOLDEN birthday, we want to take a second to brag on our girl. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Tori!

Favorite thing about Tori

She looks for ways to serve and care for others and she does it with all of her heart! She is intentional about tending to her relationships in a way that makes you feel like the most important person. – Ingrid

She is my pun-buddy. Any time I find a good pun, she is my go-to and I know she will laugh right along with me. – Wayne

How well she loves on her people. – Kim

I love how she faithfully gives of herself, her time, and her energy to serve the people around her. She does this in so many different ways. If you know Tori, most likely she has lavishly loved or served you in some capacity.  – Ashley

Favorite Memory with Tori 

Okay, well I have a ton of favorite moments that include happy/sad tears, cuddling while watching The Office and staying up late to study/edit. One of my favorite moments that didn’t include me in it was watching her react to her sister, as a bride, when she did a first look with her dad. She was right beside me as I took pictures, tears streaming while holding her mom. I really just love watching her love for others. – Ingrid

I got the chance to tutor Tori last year for a math class. It was very encouraging to watch her put in the effort to do well in that class. She was humble enough to reach out for help but also had the confidence to know she could do well if she gave it her best.   -Wayne

The day our team photos happened. We got ready together as a team. So much fun! -Kim

One of my favorite memories with her was when we had a marathon week of graduations. It was 2015 and so many of her friends (my youth group girls) were graduating. Over the course of 8 days, Tori and I attended 11 graduations and countless parties. We drank so much coffee, cheered loudly as they announced every name, smiled for so many pictures, and drove all around town to cheer on her friends. Tori celebrates the people in her life unlike anyone I know! -Ashley

Something you may not know about Tori

She’s always down for a dance party. When she does dance, she has a mean mug face which only means one thing… she means business. -Ingrid

Tori is hood like me. I’m a little more old-school and she’s new-school, but hood nonetheless.  -Wayne

This girl loves tuna! She eats it right from the pouch. I had no idea how easy going she was with food! – Kim

She often gets mistaken for me! (and me for her)  We have the Publix employees so confused. Probably once a month, they think she is visiting the store a second time in one day and it’s just me! I love it…she hates it!  – Ashley

1. She is incredibly intentional and very disciplined. Even with two jobs, school, an internship, and devoted friendships, she is ALL in.

2. She loves The Office.

3. She has so much JOY in her excitement for her friend’s wins, while also having so much tenderness during their losses.  

4. Tori can create a Spotify playlist like no one else! They are fire.

5. She culls images like a boss. Better than her boss. (I can say that!)

7. She is incredibly punny. Always throwing a good pun into any conversation.

8. She’s compassionate in a way that reminds us to think of others first.

9.  She is completely devoted to Jesus. She has a strong desire to grow closer to Him through discipleship.

10. She likes peanut butter just as much as I do (except I draw the line on adding them to eggs)

12. She’s loyal and will do anything for you.

13. She is very go with the flow. She has a very easy going outlook on everything.

14.  Tori loves on her people so well- especially Ethan, she loves on him like he’s her own.

15. She’s a very hard worker.

16. She has an incredible laugh. It’s contagious and I love it.

18. That she loves 2000’s rap music.

19. Tori has a big, open heart and is constantly loving on everyone.

20. She makes everyone feel comfortable as they are and she’s likely to treat you like you’re her best friend. (within about 5 minutes of meeting you!)

21. She loves to learn! Whether in her school studies or learning about a new friend!

We’d love for you to take a moment and leave a little Happy Birthday love for Tori in the comments!
Happy Birthday, Tori! We love you!


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