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Alcala Family | Gainesville Family Photographer

Sep 20, 2018

This precious family reached out to me requesting a photo shoot of their little family before they moved out of Gainesville. They are packing up and moving to Spain in a few weeks and they wanted a photo shoot to commemorate their family history.  Pascal’s Coffee Shop played a huge part in the story of this little guy’s parents. Their very love story began at Pascal’s! They went from strangers, to coworkers, to friends, to husband and wife.
If you’ve ever walked into the doors of Pascal’s, you know this coffee shop is unique. Sure they serve a good Cuban latte and their pour over coffee straight out of heaven, but they aren’t solely about good coffee. This shop desires to cultivate a space where its customers “encounter with Christ amid the complexities of human experience.” Pascal’s is about good coffee and building relationships in the local community.  I love their mission almost as much as their Cuban latte. Yumz!
Gainesville Family Photographer

What has been the best part of becoming parents?  The best part is realizing that our son belongs to us both and he is a gift that cause s both of us to grow and into more of who we are as a couple and individuals.

Tell us a funny story relating to parenting! So the first week as a new parent you are just so worried that the baby is getting enough nourishment and you also worry when baby cries for no reason. So you are checking their diaper and making sure they peed or poo’ed enough, so basically we’ve never been more thrilled over bowel movements until we had Teo. Such a funny thing to care about!

pascal's coffee

Describe a hurdle you’ve had to overcome in this transition to parenthood. The biggest hurdle we’ve had to overcome is the transition. You here so much abut the negativity of parenthood and because I didn’t wish to own that narrative I did not listen much to any parenthood narrative that sounded hard, so once we had Teo and motherhood changed my life in a matter of 6 hours, I had such a hard time coming to terms with my new reality. So the transition period was the hardest, so much of what you think you understand can’t be fully known till you have baby in your arms.

pascal's coffee

What is the most honest thing you can say about being a parent? To say it is hard is such a simple word…. all one can say to honestly describe what it is like to become a mother or father …. is the joy of growth, the blessing that trials bring, the promise of hope, and the honor to witness the flourishing of YOUR human being.

Gainesville Family Session


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