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Intentional photographs that are joyful, emotional and timeless. Let's create something beautiful together. 


Meet the Molliner Photography Team

Apr 26, 2018

Team Photos

A big part of my heart believes in true community, in the rawest form. The kind that comes alongside you, speaks life into you, denounces fears when they feel paralyzing, cries with you, celebrates with you and points you back to your purpose. I am convinced that community begins with creating intentional relationships and being vulnerable enough to know you cannot do life on your own. We need each other. That’s a big truth in my life.

If you were to catch me a few years ago, you’d quickly notice I was exhausted and running dry. At the time, this business meant that I was wearing ALL the hats and believing I could do ALL the things well. Asking for a hand to come alongside me was incredibly difficult because it meant bringing people in. I so fervently believed in the importance of community when it came to my personal life, however, it stopped there. Goodness! I was blind to the fact that this could also overflow into my work life.

The story of this team begins with my husband, Wayne. We had just gotten married when I had begun traveling a lot for weddings. Wayne tagged along with me to hold my equipment and keep me company. Quickly the need for a second shooter arose and my sweet man jumped right in to serve me in this way. He worked full time and yet he so willingly gave his free time to me, and this business. Two and a half years ago, we realized that we needed someone to assist with the behind-the-scenes logistics of our business. So we brought Tori on as our Office Manager. Not long after she was hired, Ethan was born and she stepped up to a more important role in my life. This girl has the most beautiful servant’s heart. She effortlessly met the need of helping me care for our newborn son, along with continuing to serve me and our clients in the office. Then last year, we hired my dear friend Ashley. She had been cheering me on since the first day I met her. She was team Ingrid first, team Molliner Photography second. As a friend, she makes a great effort to bring out the best in me and through her role with our team, she serves to bring out the best of Molliner Photography. This group has continually carried this theme of faithfully serving in my personal life as well as tethering it so beautifully into our work lives as well.

Molliner Photography is not a one-woman-job. It is an intentional community that chooses to come alongside one other in order to elevate the brand and serve couples to the best of our ability. What an unexpected, but life-giving, gift from the Lord!

I’m so excited to finally introduce to you the…MOLLINER PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM! 


I’m a redeemed lover of Jesus, grateful wife to that handsome man standing next to me, mama to the silliest toddler and a firm believer in the power of intentional community. As a film and digital photographer, I focus on weddings, engagements, and portraits. My heart’s desire is to create timeless and romantic images that reflect the beauty of His goodness and faithfulness. 
1. Favorite part of my job? I get the unique opportunity to cultivate friendships with clients while coming alongside them in some of life’s sweetest moments.  
2. What makes you come alive/fills your tank? I love, love, love hammocking with Wayne and Ethan, a good cafe con leche and spending time in God’s Word. 
3. What do you do in your spare time? When I’m not documenting stories, I enjoy dance parties in our kitchen, hanging out at my local coffee shop, and indulging in the occasional donut and hot dog. 
4. Most likely to… be heard saying “yumz!” while shooting bride and groom portraits.
5. The most inspiring thing about story-telling? Telling stories that can be passed down to kids and grandchildren. It’s kind of crazy to think about my images telling stories for future generations.


I’ve had a crush on the boss lady for about 15 years now and I think it’s safe to say I’m her biggest fan. I’m also a second shooter, CFO, and her designated diet coke runner during receptions. It’s my desire to be known for loving God and serving His people well. I believe there’s no better call than to live my life for Him. My hope is to be a good husband and father through Him.

1. Favorite part of my job? I get to work alongside my wife and watch her come alive in her calling. Wedding cake is a close second.

2. What makes you come alive/fills your tank? It fills my tank to spend time with my two-year-old. Right now it’s a lot of playing hide and seek, reading at night, and tickle fights. With Ingrid, it fills my tank to have nights in where we can curl up, watch a movie and eat good food.

3. What do you do in your spare time? I love to compete, especially in sports. Every Friday, you’ll find me on the field playing ultimate frisbee. I’m also always down for a friendly game of Catan.

4. Most likely to… tell dad jokes. The girls tell me this was something I perfected long before I became a dad.

5. The most inspiring thing about story-telling? The idea that every story has a way of leading me back to the Creator.


I’m a girl desiring to live out every chapter in my story for His glory. I’m passionate about cultivating spaces for people to be seen and loved. One of my biggest prayers is that my dining room table would always be a place where people with different stories and backgrounds can pull up a chair and belong. As the Creative & Content Director, I curate the visual content to fill your social media feeds with all the beautiful stories that are captured. I also manage the blog and online submissions. I may or may not be the biggest Belieber in the office. 

1. Favorite part of my job? Working alongside my dear friend, Ingrid and my sister. [Surprise, Tori and I are related!] I also love that this job allows me the opportunity to be creative, just like my heavenly Father.
2. What makes you come alive/fills your tank? Gathering my people around the dining room table makes me come alive like nothing else. Sharing a meal, but more importantly, intentionally sharing life with each other. I’m also a big fan of fresh flowers, handwritten love letters, and gimme all the chips & salsa! 
3. What do you do in your spare time? In my spare time, I can be found cozied up with a girlfriend in a local coffee shop, hammocking with my Bible or searching for a gourmet donut shop. 
4. Most likely to…eat a hot dog with my coffee for breakfast. Ingrid is my only friend that shares the same love.
5. The most inspiring thing about story-telling? What I love the most about story-telling is that every story told is beautifully different and unique. 


I’m really passionate about loving with intention. My favorite example of love is the way Jesus sacrificially and gently loves His children. I seriously desire to love people in ways that empower and help them live out their full potential. Within the team, I am the Office Manager (Ayyyy!). I focus on the behind the scene details. My tasks include scheduling sessions and meetings, assisting with emails, culling pictures and organizing client documents. I’m also in charge of creating playlists that keep us energized while working in the office.

1. Favorite part of my job? Working alongside Ingrid. I love partnering together to serve our clients. Another favorite is snuggling with Ethan.

2.What makes you come alive/fills your tank? Quality time! Snuggles with my nieces and nephew, spending time with the Lord and dance partaysss with my sisters. I also really enjoy running stadiums at sunset.

3.What do you do in your spare time? Yard-saleing with my mom and sisters, discipling my youth group girls, practicing my latte art and reading anatomy or nutrition books…I’m a bit of a nerd.

4. Most likely to…drop a pun or a song lyric in any given conversation. 

5.The most inspiring thing about story-telling? Witnessing the beginning of a covenant between two people.

This is our team. This is the MP bloodline.

Thank You, Lord.


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