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joel + stephanie | gainesville wedding photographer

Jun 16, 2017

I have never photographed more joy or excitement than these two. This is the display of true JOY OF THE LORD. Yep. No other explanation. Every wedding is special to me. I know I say that each time, but honestly I AM blessed by each couple. I am chosen. Chosen to come alongside and tell the story of something the Lord has done and put together. This wedding was special because even in the engagement, I left inspired by the joy of the Lord. After the wedding ALL OF THE GUESTS left on a spiritual high because they were marked by the spirit of God in some way.

It’s not uncommon for me to cry at weddings, but it is uncommon to see some of my tears way before the couple sees each other. The way God was displayed while these two spent time with their bridal parties was powerful. There is no other word but… POWERFUL. Joel worshipped the Lord in song and praise alongside his men. This man fell to his knees and literally asked God to bless Stephanie and to make his life about serving her. My arms filled with chill bumps. Then when I went to check on the girls, who were getting ready on the other side of the house, they had started doing the same. They overheard the guys singing to Jesus and they were led to do the same. YOU GUYS! I was so moved by the Spirit of God that after I took some images, I had to set my camera aside and worship at our marvelous Maker from the back. There was NO DENYING how powerful He made himself that day and it was not hard to join in on the movement. THEN… after the girls worshipped, Stephanie then fell to her knees in prayer. YOU GUYS I COULDN’T HANDLE ALL OF MY EMOTIONS. The beauty of both of them on their knees was incredibly captivating.

THEN… as if that wasn’t enough emotional for me… hours later, Stephanie walked out of the house. Joel saw her from the side and was completely overcome. He was undone and everyone in the audience lost it.

Thank You, Lord for YOUR display and YOUR stories. Everything about this day. Power of You.

Take a look for yourselves…

Hi ūüôā

That tear. Wrecked.

Joel had letters delivered to his bride throughout the day. Stephanie’s dear friend read her the one meant before the ceremony

as she finished up getting ready to meet him at the altar.

IMAGINE the will power of Joel here. He kept his eyes closed after Stephanie turned to hug him!


This was Joel’s reaction when he realized the ceremony was coming to an end and he was about to kiss his bride. Uncontrollable excitement. Just the best.

“Joel and I have each had special moments¬†with the Lord out on the Burks property.¬†While seeking the Lord one day on the front porch God gave me

a¬†vision¬†of getting married under that tree. We prayed about it, talked about it, and the rest is history.”¬†

Stephanie had this to say for couples planning their own wedding, “Pray about everything- each portion of the day, make your request known to God,

and trust Him! Including trusting God with your given budget.”

“Our¬†favorite¬†detail were the Creole/¬†English signs down the aisle.¬†Also, the letters we wrote each guest was pretty special for us!”¬†

DAS MY BROTHERRR! Shout out to the best dancer I know

This man, from beginning to end, pure excitement.

Planning – Friend
DJ + Entertainment – Friend
Invitation Suite –¬†Allysen Kerr Antabellum Design Co.¬†
Flowers -Sam’s Club
Cake/Desserts – Friend
Catering –¬†Kevin Griffin Catering
Dress Designer / Dress shop –¬†Nileris Bridal Boutique
Video – Long Duong
Rentals –¬†Party Time Rentals
Venue – Private Residence
Bridesmaid dresses –¬†Azazi
Hair – Emily Mitchell



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