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ben + catherine | the grand on foster wedding

Aug 19, 2016

Grand On Foster Wedding

Catherine and Ben’s wedding story was filled with many unique moments and elements that made my heart soar. First, let me say that we LOVE traveling to document weddings and this sweet story took us to a southern town in Alabama.

There was no stress around this day. Like, none. We all arrived at the venue and were actually locked out, so there was a late start in the day. But, Catherine was pure joy to be around as she repeatedly recited the famous line from the Lego Movie, “Everything is awesome.” That was their tag line for the wedding. Actually, it’s their tagline for life and I love that.

Here’s a glimpse of their wedding story.

Everything WAS awesome.


What was your inspiration for your wedding? What design themes or elements did you follow?

 I was entirely inspired by my childhood. I grew up in the south of France where olive trees and lavender are ever so common. I wanted to incorporate this in my wedding since I knew I was getting married in the United States and I wanted a piece of “home” with me there throughout the day.

What was a favorite moment from the day and why?

When I was getting ready in the morning I spotted a ladybug. It may not seem like much, but a year prior to our wedding, my grandfather had passed away, I had spent my entire childhood learning from him, and he would always buy me ladybug jewelry as presents. To this day I still wear a ladybug around my neck and when I took my necklace off that morning, I spotted the ladybug on the windowsill, and I knew then, that he was right there with me.

Did you have something borrowed, blue, old, and new?

I did! I borrowed my sister’s hair wig that she wore on her wedding day. My something blue was on my wedding belt that I made by sewing pearls, rhinestones and beads individually. The clasp of the belt had a string of blue beads at the back. The old was a pearl necklace that I wore around my wrist, this was a gift from my grandmother who was unable to make it to the wedding as she wasn’t able to come from France. Then something new was pretty much everything else, my dress, shoes, earrings.

 Tell us about your flowers and the arrangements. 

All flowers were done by friends and family. It took hours of youtubing videos on flower arrangements, but they came out better than I could have imagined. I knew I wanted Lavender and Wheat to highlight all of the flower arrangements and bouquets, mostly for the symbolism of these flowers. Lavender symbolizes purity and devotion, which is something I wanted in my marriage, wheat symbolizes hope and the future, which I am eager to venture with Ben by my side.

alabama wedding photographer 3

alabama wedding photographer 2alabama wedding photographer

My second favorite moment was right after our ceremony. Ben and I were escorted off to this little private room in the church, and we could see all of our guests in the church and we were in awe at all the people that had come to witness our marriage. Then of course, being the silliest people there ever was, we started making funny faces in the windows. We really are just like children at heart.

alabama wedding photographer 6alabama wedding photographer 5

alabama wedding photographer 7alabama wedding photographer

Grand On Foster Wedding

Grand On Foster Wedding

What do you love most about being married?

I wasn’t sure how to put this into words, so I asked my husband what he loved most, and he answered that it was “awesome”. He’s not a man of many words, but he finds the right ones most of the time. Our entire wedding day we kept singing the song from the lego movie “everything is awesome”, and it really set the mood for our relationship as a married couple. I love how together we can be so much more than apart. I love that I have someone next to me who understands me, and when he doesn’t he does everything in his power to try to understand. I have a husband who is selfless beyond words, he understands the strenuous nature of my profession and never faults me for dedicating more time to my patients. We are far from ideal, and we work hard everyday at communicating with each other, and that is the thing I love most, being vulnerable, and whole heartedly open with him. I cannot wait for our relationship to grow with our wrinkles, I cannot wait to see joys and sorrows in our lives as long as he is by my side. I welcome the unknown of our future because I know that no matter what happens, I have an eternal optimist next to me who will make me laugh when times seem desperate, will hold me in his arms when I feel my world has fallen apart, and will kiss me and tell me he loves me every night not out of habit but because he means it.


1. Planning – Bride and family 

2. Entertainment –  Premiere Entertainment Group

3. Flowers – Friends and family 

4. Cake/Desserts –  macaron tower by Kelsey Barnard Catering

5. Catering – Kelsey Barnard Catering 

6. Dress –  Allure Bridal Romance  from Minerva’s Bridal in Orlando 

7. Suit –  Jos A Banks

8. Bride’s shoes – Lilly Pullitzer- Kat kitten Heel 


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