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jd + joanna | orlando wedding photographer

Jul 10, 2015

[Guys, this is a long one. Lots of beautiful moments that made it very hard to keep this blog post at a reasonable length. I am sorry that I am not sorry! It’s that good. I promise you!]

Joanna is everyone’s favorite girl. Wayne and I kept overhearing the guests talking about how adored she is, how incredibly smart she is, how endearing she is, how her voice sounded like an angel (all true statements overheard at the wedding). We couldn’t agree more. She’s a blonde bombshell with a huge heart. She’s not only captivated the hearts of her guests (and photographer!), she is absolutely adored by her sweet man. You guys! JD is incredibly sweet the way he smiles and looks at his Bride. From the first look’s speechless and tearful reaction to smiling at her as she was overwhelmed with emotion at the toasts. Even when she danced with her father, he was on the side … just smitten. His gaze was fixed on her the entire day. The whole day was heartwarming.

A lot of people ask me what my ideal client looks like. For me, I found the characteristics to my ideal clientele long before I was a wedding photographer. I’m blessed to have the very best friends in the world, so the idea of my ideal client has been profoundly shaped by my relationships with my friends. JD and Joanna, thanks for blessing us with your friendship.

[future Brides from Orlando: If you haven’t booked your florist already, let me do you the greatest favor and tell you to check out Velvet and Twine. We’ve worked with them before this wedding and GOOOOOOODNESSSSSSS…. they will blow anything you request out of the water. The following reception details and bouquets will give you heart eyes emojis. For real, though. Just wait…]





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